External application of nutrients play the most important role in crop returns and contribute to more than 60% of crop yields. Despite vast knowledge on the subject, the list and roles of essential nutrients in crops continues to evolve.

Unlike popular belief Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potash constitute less than 30% of the essential nutrient requirement of crops. Ignoring the rest would come at a great cost to yield, quality and increased pest attack as they contribute significantly to physiological, metabolic and phenological processes.

Crops require essential nutrients in varying amounts across the growth cycle from seed sowing to harvest stages. Supplementing nutrients after the occurrence substantially reduces potential crop yields. Deficiency symptoms are complex to diagnose and treatment only stems further yield losses and will not contribute to any major yield enhancement.

Nutrition needs of High Performance Crop Varieties (like Hybrids, High Yielding Varieties, GMO's...) are different from medium to low yielding varieties, are more sensitive to nutrition deficiency and their performance suffers significantly with non optimal supplementation (over/under/imbalanced nutrition)

Root feeding is the major source of essential nutrition for crops and should not be avoided.

Forms and formulation of nutrients are essential for superior crop performance. Cheap salt forms of essential nutrients (secondary and micro nutrients) can damage the soil and fix critical macro nutrients making both unavailable to the crop (resulting in wasted expense and revised yields). Expensive chelated forms do not provide the adequate cost benefit ratio for direct soil application when applied in recommend quantities. Nutrient formulations primarily target non intensive agriculture or medium/low yielding varieties.

Tracs is a patented micronutrient formulation containing the largest and the most effective forms of essential nutrients scientifically developed for high performing crop varieties to significantly enhance crop performance along with other optionally designed of NPK's (Intensiv). They are uniquely encapsulated in novel bio degradable materials (that on contact with the soil get broken down into materials that not only help protect the nutrients from getting fixed, they enhance the proliferation of good microbes and reduce some unwanted pests).

Tracs offers a complete range of products (for soil and foliar applications) to comprehensively address Essential Nutrient needs critical for maximizing yields of High Performance Crop Varieties.