Pronos is a novel multifunctional patented nutritional ingredient developed to support
crops withstand abiotic, biotic stresses and maximize crop yields and quality.

Pronos Products that contains Pronos (based on 3rd party trials) have
proven capability in protecting crops, maximising crop yield and
quality and reduced pesticide usage. They by up regulating
plant antioxidant pathways, reduces reactive oxygen species
involved in various crop stresses, enhances secondary
metabolite synthesis, enhances heavy metal, abiotic, biotic, UV
b, water stress resistance and strengthens cell walls. Resulting in higher crop yields
and quality, lower pesticide usage and higher crop returns.


Zetol Strom and Dormulin are 2 molecular nutrient formulations that contain Pronos.

Pronos Pronos


Dormulin application reduced the lesion length of Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) in Rice. Dormulin performed well against BLB which showed disease reduction of 27.5% over control. Foliar spray of Dormulin recorded 39.6 % reduction in Rice Blast severity over control in rice.

Indian Institute of Rice Research, Rajendra nagar,Hyderabad,ICAR.

Studies on Pronos revealed that higher test weight of grain was recorded by Pronos application. Foliar spray of Pronos twice increased the rice grain yield by 22.3% over control.

Regional Agriculture Research station, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Maruteru